His fatal fantasy;
I’m drunk with ecstasy
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140515 Tao’s Instagram Post


"The road is long, you can go anywhere you want, and no one can make the decision for others. The truth is, the public is always in the dark. Maybe the public will feel for the minority party, but that’s not the truth. Only we, the people going through all this, know the truth. Like us 11 members, our SM company and staff. But outside of that, people are mixing up good and bad. You guys won’t know the feeling of being betrayed by someone, the feeling of everyone siding with the person who betrayed you. You can have your own opinions and viewpoints, but I want to say this - the truth about right and wrong is clear. Our consciences are clear. We can’t stop someone who wants to leave, someone who is trying everything to get away. So he succeeded. When we don’t know anything, he kept it from us and the company and didn’t come back. Everyone has ambition, but I hope other people will know to use it well. We’re sweating hard after practice, only to suddenly find out that someone won’t be coming back. We will have to prepare for the concert all over again as 11, so tired. EXO, Lets’ Love.


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the adventure of milk boy: a movie by kim junmyeon
old fact aight, but let’s do this saul bass style (1 / ∞)

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milk boy
old fact aight, but let’s do this saul bass style (3 / ∞)

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